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Antoine Naillon

Post-Doctorant CNRS

Encadrant : Hugues Bodiguel

Projet ANR - µLAAS

Collaborations : Laboratoire d’Analyse et d’Architecture des Systèmes, Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse, PICOMETRICS Toulouse

Résumé : At the low Reynolds numbers involved in flows at small scales (micro and nano-fluidics), the trajectory of very dilute solid particles is deterministic and follows the liquid streamlines, in Newtonian fluids. In contrast, it has been shown (Leshansky, PRL 2007) that in viscoelastic liquids, typically polymer solutions, a transverse net force is exerted on a rigid particle, due to a gradient of normal stress anisotropy. This force leads to a transverse migration of the particles, usually towards the centre of the channel. When the particles are confined (i.e. for particle diameter greater than a tenth of the channel size), this force is rather high as this elastic migration could be observed even when the elasticity of the liquid is very low and too small to be measurable using traditional rheometry. Viscoelastic migration is very promising for sorting applications, since the net force acting on the particle scales as \uD835\uDC4E3, where \uD835\uDC4E is the particle size. In particular, we are working in collaboration (in the framework of ANR MicroLAS) with the group of Aurélien Bancaud in Toulouse and with Picometrics Technology who have shown that in combination with an electric field, elastic migration is very efficient for DNA separation (patent WO/2014/020271 (CNRS)). However, basic knowledge is required in order to be able to optimize and level up this separation strategy. In this project, we aim at better understanding and describing in details the phenomena involved, using a rationalized and fundamental approach and combining experiments and numeric.

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