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16 Mai 2019 Alireza Yousefi (Univ. de Bonab Iran)

"Investigation of the rheological properties of wheat starch and sage seed gum dispersions and their ability for management of dysphagia"

Jeudi 16 Mai 2019 de 14h à 15h salle A.Rassat du bâtiment E de l’UFR de Chimie

Résumé :
Hydrocolloids are widely used in food systems to enhance their quality by affecting the physical and organoleptic attributes as thickening and gelling agents, stabilizers and texture modifiers. Nowadays, the demand for hydrocolloids from plants (e.g. plant cell walls, tree exudates, seeds, seaweeds) is greater than those from animals (hyaluronan, chitin, chondroitin sulphate) because of more benefits and friendly image towards consumers. Starches are one of the major sources of carbohydrate in human diet.

The compositions and structure of starch granules are different based on botanical source, influencing on their attributes and functionality. Due to many nutritional, technological and textural advantages of starch in food and pharmaceutical systems, it is receiving much more attention. Wild sage (Salvia verbenaca) is a plant that its seed (S. macrosiphon) mucilage has a potential alternative to some commercial gums.

Investigation of food products rheology in a simulated mouth condition allows a better understanding of food structure in this condition which can be used to develop a food product with special mouth-feel or for special consumers like people with dysphagia.

In this seminar, some rheological properties of wheat starch gels as well as sage seed gum dispersions will be presented. Moreover, we will discuss about the potential of these biopolymers as food thickeners for enhancing the viscosity of food stuffs and making them suitable for the patients with dysphagia.

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