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Séminaire du Professeur Catherine Picart le Jeudi 15 Mai 2014 de 14H à 15H

Layer-by-layer films as engineered biomaterial coatings : applications to musculo-skeletal tissue engineering

par Denis Roux - 12 mai 2014

Lieu du séminaire : salle B204

Catherine Picart, LMGP, Grenoble Institute of Technology and CNRS, Grenoble, France. Email :

Professor at Grenoble INP and researcher at the LMGP laboratory (Minatec site), I will first present our lab and the IMBM - Interfaces between Materials and Biological Matter - group. We have three major research axes : 1) Materials for biosensors ; 2) Self-organization of proteins at material surfaces ; 3) Control of cell fate by engineered surfaces. I will then focus more particularly on the 3rd axis. In vivo, cells are embedded in a microenvironment that contains several extracellular matrix proteins, growth factors and also mechanical signals from the tissue and from neighboring cells(1). All these biochemical, mechanical and topographical signals are important to orient cell fate. The layer-by-layer -LbL- technique has emerged in the past 15 years has an interesting method to build multifunctional 2D films or to coat 3D porous materials(2). It is highly tunable as several processing parameters can be varied and everything can be performed in water. Besides, it can be combined with microfabrication techniques. In this presentation, I will present our studies on layer-by-layer films made of polysaccharides and polypeptides to mimic some aspects of this microenvironment, especially controlled mechanical properties(3), bioactivity(4) and topographical properties(5 et 6). This new type of coating films offers a unique opportunity to investigate cellular processes in well defined 2D micro-environments, both to answer fundamental biological questions but also for the development of engineered tissues(7).

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